The Great Awakening is Bringing Back Morals

Nothing can stop us when we live by common sense morals! Find out what good morals are… A spiritual war is going on between good and evil, this is called the Great Awakening. We need to embrace this movement that brings the truth of how we are controlled by evil from the top of society structures or government on down.  You can do something about it,  solutions are at your finger tips. A lot of people are fighting to get the truth out.  Main stream media is not telling us the truth and the big tech companies are censoring our speech to keep the truth from coming out.  The common citizen is the news now. I recommend finding citizen reporters.  Furthermore, I share with you all I have to keep yourself, America and the world at large at a high level, using good common sense morals at:

Our Common Sense Morals are Under Attack, Fight Back!

statue of liberty in peril don't let her die, use common sense morals and values

As you might have noticed, American values are under attack. We are suffering from an erosion of our traditional values.  Consequently, we can bring back basic American values and fight Socialism and Communism!   I’m here to give you the tools to counteract this lowering of values and standards.  I have a super tool that will bolster and uphold the American values we so cherishA common sense guide to better living.   Before you say this common sense moral tool will clash with my religion, I bring to your attention that this tool has been in use by any and all opinion leaders of all walks of faith for several years now.

Solutions for Society and Our Youth

Similarly, due to the constant erosion of values in our school systems, due to Critical Race Theory or CRT and in many of our social institutions, we need to counteract this. And act fast to spread our long cherished values that reinforce why it is people love and all want to come to the USA. Ranting and raving about the lack of ethics and morals in our society, pointing out the problems is all I hear! I’m tired of it. I’m here to present solutions!!!

I’m talking about the lawlessness, lack of morals, one set of rules for the people in power and one set of rules for the common man.   In contrast, honesty, integrity, loyalty pride, patriotism and respect for others is seemingly non existent.  We are bombarded by Hollywood, TV and media pushing all imaginable perversions and corrupt messages.   In fact, I’m sure you can think of many other examples where you see our society going down hill.  Where are our values?  Erosion has occurred, our values are under attack.

How to Win without Fighting using Common Sense Morals

ideas not battles mark for forward progress of mankind. By L. Ron Hubbard.  Use common sense morals to forward the progress of mankind.

You have probably heard the phrase “Kill’em with Kindness.” How do we do that? When we focus on Flourishing and Prospering, concentrate on doing better, out do what we just did, move our statistics up in life it drives the enemy crazy. We should direct our energies and attention on flourishing, meaning to develop rapidly and successfully, thrive. This drives the suppressive and oppressive element crazy!  All they want to do is smash us down, but when you expand, move forward, excel, do better and succeed, their little minds explode, they can’t handle it and we win!

Use your creative ideas to push forward and rise above the negativity.   Win without fighting using these values of Flourish and Prosper. And that is in my estimation killing them with kindness, we are not fighting them, there is nothing there to fight, because we are too busy succeeding.

“Sometimes others seek to crush one down, to make nothing out of one’s hopes and dreams, one’s future and oneself…   If one flourishes and prospers, one certainly will wind up the victor.”  

L. Ron Hubbard, The Way to Happiness

using common sense morals kills the enemy!!!

Tools to Fight Back

these people use common sense morals

Fight Communism! Get your bullets of standard common sense morals and values and start sending them out!  Get your FREE, 21 ways to fight Communism, a common sense morals guide: the Way to Happiness ebook.  You can get a free the Way to Happiness info kit as well to inform yourself and share with others: click link:  Let’s pick America up, be patriotic, get involved and make this place great again. Thus by extension, the rest of the world will be lifted as well by sharing and living by these precepts or societal guidelines.

We are infiltrated by socialistic and communistic values in our schools, movies and daily life.  What I have found is a common sense guide to better living, this small booklet has brought millions all over the world peace, happiness and a better way of living. There are 21 precepts (general rules) which are a guide to happier living, read about it here: The Way to Happiness.

Ammo for Everyone Because It is Secular

Before you get worried that this is some sort of religious text that is going to conflict with what you or others believe in, let me reassure you this information or program is totally secular and ready to be used in schools or any where. The booklets can be customized…

common sense morals
The Way to Happiness covers can be customized

and integrated into any group, community, classroom, town hall meeting, school board meeting, rotary club, police department, city hall or wherever. Put your name or business name on the front cover and widen your sphere of responsibility, lift your community up!


Moreover, one point that I think most of us can agree upon is, thank goodness America has the value to worship any religion that person chooses.  Importantly, freedom of religion gives America the beacon of hope that so many dream about.  Religion lifts us up and civilizes us as a society.  In addition, there is one key word and value that epitomizes what Americans do and that is, Respect! Respect of others religion and beliefs.

The Way to Happiness is not a religious text, so it can be used in any classroom setting. Pastors, Rabbis, Monks, etc. are among the hundreds of other religious leaders use that use the program to bolster and reinforce what they preach. Additionally, example after example exists of leaders of all walks of faith using this simple booklet to lift their congregation or segment of population they are responsible for up. That is why I love this precept or general rule from the Way to Happiness:  Respect The Religious Beliefs of Others.

Teaching Our Youth Common Sense Values

Particularly, watching our future generation get smothered and slimed with this woke, leftist, communistic, socialistic ideology is heart

Making Good Choices booklet uses common sense morals are held up by young girl in Texas teaching the basic moral values in the book.
Teaching basic American values is easy anyone can get involved and teach them.

breaking. Chiefly, we can fight this insidious erosion of our children’s values with this great common sense, The Way to Happiness program

A Kids Version of the Way to Happiness

To teach young people these common sense values it is best to have a simple version with words they understand so that you will keep their attention, because when you use words kids do not understand they will all of a sudden tune out– ever heard of ADD? ADD stems using words that people do not understand. Yes you should look up words in a dictionary or on google that you don’t know. That learning phenomena is explained here:

Clearly, what is exciting is there is a kids version of the Way to Happiness called, How to Make Good Choices. It is much simpler to understand.  Down load your free How to Make Good Choices ebook here.  Incorporate it into your curriculum at local schools or while you home school.  This is secular, not relating to any religion.  That is why it is so perfect it can be taught anywhere to anyone.  For instance, this is the perfect way to combat Critical Race Theory, CRT.

How to Have a Decent Government
“Where a government is obviously working hard for ALL its people, rather than for some special interest group or insane dictator, one should support it to the limit.
The way to happiness is hard to travel when shadowed with the oppression of tyranny. A benign (gentle and kindly) government, designed and run for ALL the people, has been known to smooth the way: when such occurs, it deserves support.”  Way to Happiness by L. Ron Hubbard

How can you create a better government? Find out:

To emphasize, The Way to Happiness program increases common sense morals, values and standards, see it here:

Way to Happiness program, by L. Ron Hubbard Presented to you by Chris and Kelly Watkins:  

1. Take Care of Yourself

2. Be Temperate

3. Don’t Be Promiscuous

4. Love and Help Children

5. Honor and Help Your Parents

6. Set A Good Example

7. Seek To Live With The Truth

8. Do Not Murder

9. Don’t Do Anything Illegal

10. Support A Government Designed and Run For All The People

11. Do Not Harm A Person Of Good Will

12. Safeguard And Improve Your Environment

13. Do Not Steal

14. Be Worthy of Trust

15. Fulfill Your Obligations

16. Be Industrious

17. Be Competent

18. Respect The Religious Beliefs of Others

19. Try Not To Do Things To Others That You Would Not Like Them to Do To You

20. Try To Treat Others As You Would Want Them To Treat You

21. Flourish And Prosper

Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion

image of USA with FREE SPEECH ZONE written on it in red white and blue
Freedom of speech is one of our most cherished values

Admittedly, the value America enjoys the most is freedom of speech. What I like most about the Way to Happiness is that it teaches Respect.  Respect others beliefs.  Respect others religious beliefs.  This allows the amazing discourse of ideas without fighting!  Naturally respect of others beliefs is the answer, the key, the foundation for getting along with others.

Target the Real Enemy

Specifically, don’t fall for the “Divide and Conquer” trick. An important point to keep in mind is to get rid of anger and hate, do that here… The real enemy is our negative thoughts and emotions that get the better of us and drive us to hate things and each other which in turn weakens us. When we are angry we loose our rational focus and logic, instead we just find ourselves reacting to things.

Consequently, a common way to make a population weak is to have them fight each other. The playbook is well know that when you divide and conquer you win. This is how to not let that happen, use this technology to get rid of irrational behavior, negativity, hate and anger. Learn who the real enemy is, here:

Freedom and Liberty

Kelly Watkins freedom loving patriot uses common sense morals to live a more happy life.

Especially we cannot forget about freedom and liberty! Virtues like these can not be forgotten.  Particularly these along with the American dream are all so sought after.  Values like these are a part America’s fabric.  Moreover, the rest of the world yearns to live like Americans and does just about anything to get here.   For instance, the average American citizen, including myself, takes for granted what we have given to us here.  It is not until recently since we have been threaten with our freedom of speech being censored and other communistic type morals pushed down our throats, that we have stood up and garnered, bolstered and held strong to all the great American values we so cherish.

On a Higher Level

In general, America is a more high level society than other countries and we need to continue to be uptone and upbeat.  Likewise, everyone wants to come to the USA because we embody freedom and the American Dream.  In a stunning contrast, Communism is a social construct that is low level living and thinking.   The world is emerging into a more higher level, this book, the Way to Happiness accentuates and bolsters that and brings society stably onto a higher plain. 

You Can have Better Opportunities in Life

See the knowledge that has been discovered…

Happiness is happening world wide.  Don’t miss out!  Kelly Watkins, above, gives you the 21 secret steps to common sense morals which leads to Happiness!  Get your 21 Steps to Happiness, at no cost: 

We Need to Stick Together

Moreover, I also want to make clear it is not all people in society that are bad.  80 percent of people are good and 20% could be considered antisocial.    For most people evil is hard to confront. Since evil is hard to confront for those who are not mentally strong enough to take it, you have the phenomena of not everyone is awake to all the corruption in the world. Subsequently, it makes it hard to pin point where evil is coming from and detect these antisocial people. No worries, click the link to see 12 specific antisocial traits:   The majority of people can agree on the principles presented in The Way to Happiness.  That is all we need because we are the majority, the evil ones are the minority.  We will over come when we all work together to promote better morals and values.

As a matter of fact we do not need to tear each other up or fight each other.  To emphasize, Americans need to stick together and not be divided, now more than ever.  It is cool again to love and be proud of your country and to have patriotism.

Good News!

Where is the backbone of common sense morals and core values we need to get America back to her glory?  Presenting you with exactly that, Chris and Kelly Watkins give you The Way to Happiness program which is the 21 core values needed to bring back basic American values.  Hence, it can be found all in one place, in one great package.   Get all the core values you need here:  

Happiness Testimony (this could be you!)

“The Way to Happiness has changed my life for better, now I am a new person, a new creature!  Wow…Am blessed with this, it touched my heart, in fact am strong immediately.  I wonder if God did send this to me?  I am filled with the spirit of assurance.”   – F.N.

How will You Use the Common Sense Morals and Take Action?

Indeed, your survival is important to us, please take advantage of all we offer.  Feel free to comment below and connect with me, Kelly, on social media, let me know how you are going to use the program and if this info helped you:

How are you going to make the world better and bring back basic common sense values?

common sense morals

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