The Problem: Anger, Fear and Stress are Here…

So they tell and label you with all kinds of things wrong with you, fear, stress and anger issues, but that just makes you even more angry!!!  The phrase, “calm down” doesn’t work!  It makes it worse!  You have tried everything, but nothing you try gets rid of your short fuse or eases the tension.  Namely, because psychiatry and psychology are out dated and don’t work.  Equally, there is no conclusive evidence or statistics that prove that anger management classes work or psychotherapy works.  Have you ever heard anyone saying, “Oh I went to anger management class and now I am cured!  I totally got rid of all my anger.”  No!  And furthermore, people don’t ever say they are cured of negative thoughts.  Doing psychology and other classes does not get rid of the anger.  Moreover, the baggage is still there. People are taught to just shove their anger or emotions somewhere else, don’t let it show.  How ridiculous!  Similarly you might even be mad at me for saying anger management and the rest of psychology doesn’t work.  But I can show you, the One Way to Dump Anger, Fear and Stress… 

The Solution

In contrast, the solution is, learn how your mind worksUse Dianetics to permanently get rid of anger, fear, negative emotions and feelings.  I will tell you how to permanently get rid of all your unwanted baggage.  Get rid of all that with the Modern Science of Mental Health, DianeticsThis is a scientific procedure. You follow the steps listed out, 1, 2, 3 and at the end, your baggage is Erased!  No more swallowing, stuffing it down, simmering ready to blow up at any second!  Permanently get rid of your unwanted, bad feelings.  Did I say permanently?  Yes!  don’t worry about this stuff coming back.  Use the Dianetics procedure and see for yourself.  Don’t take my word for it, try it.  Don’t believe me.  See if it works for you that is the only proof.  Did I mention that you don’t have to pay a million dollars just to feel slightly better than warm toast, like you do after you go to psych sessions or anger management classes.  In contrast, Dianetics is very affordable and cost effective.


In summary, are you sick and tired of anger and other ugly emotions getting the best of you?  Ready for a change?   Chris and Kelly Watkins in USA, and their website, are here for you.  We welcome all comments, questions or needing guidance.  Connect with me, Kelly, here on social media, my Facebook page is,  Get the book Dianetics and find the answers you have always been searching for!

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