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Ways to deal with depression, Dianetics.

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Today I was talking to a friend who was very upset, because his high school friend committed suicide.  I said that’s it!  This has to stop!  I have to something to say about this.  I can do something to prevent this.  There is a way to deal with depression!  To sit here and not say anything and not offer a way to prevent someone from killing themselves would be a crime.  I know a way out, because it worked for me and millions of others searching for a solution for their grief, anger, fear, depression, etc.

Digging out of Depression, Solutions

There is a way out of the labyrinth of negative thoughts.  I know it saves people’s lives, because it worked for me.  I suffered from depression half of my life.  My misery and pitiful life is well documented on my website,   There is a way to deal with depression and the solution is the new, Modern Science of Mental Health, Dianetics.  This is not some pill you swallow with a thousand side effects.  To be specific,  Dianetics is a proven scientific procedure on the level of, when you do this step, you get results.   14449895_1591974754431668_8891014481064465897_n

Furthermore, Dianetics takes you step by step out of the garbage, baggage, negative and unwanted feelings you have.  In conclusion, you are on solid ground with the Dianetics scientific procedure.  You don’t have to wonder if it will work.  Just do the steps and see for yourself.


There are many advises on how to get out of depression.  Saving you the pain of trying them all is what I’m trying to do, by letting you know, all of it, including  psychology and psychiatry don’t work and only make you worse.  I know, I have tried them all and searched all over the place.  I tried every type of religion, spirituality, meditation, transcendentalism, new age stuff.  It is all junk, made me feel better for a day or two then I would always crash and feel worse.  Take a look at these facts before jumping into any type of psychology, psychiatry counseling  program

In short, Chris and Kelly Watkins, located in the USA, present to you Dianetics the one true science that will permanently delete depression and unwanted baggage.  I said permanently, not one day you feel good and then the next you drop back again into despair.  No, you permanently delete unwanted depressing memories, baggage, sadness, etc.   

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