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Awesome Case Study #1

Awesome case studies are here: a very special event was recently held in South Africa to launch “The Widow’s Club.” This is a support group for women all over South Africa who have become widows. This is a major problem in society with assistance needed for those who have lost their husbands with an unfortunate stigma connected to them which can result in neglect from their community.

The founder of The Widows Club, an esteemed doctor, took it upon herself to change this after her husband passed away. She was invited to a Dianetics Seminar where she was able to fully handle the loss and she was completely blown away.

Several weeks ago she decided to partner with the Church of Scientology in the launch of her Non-Profit Organization called, “The Widows Club,” which is a support group for widows. She said, Dianetics is what people need. This is what I have been looking for.

It was decided that the launch of the Widows Club would be hosted at Castle Kyalami where guests would have the opportunity to properly be introduced to Dianetics. The launch was held with over 100 VIPs and guests in attendance. The program boasted musical performances by top South African Artists such as Gospel Artist, Puleng March.

Get rid of Anger, depression and negative emotions with Dianetics

Reverend Shadrack from the Uniting Reformed Church, graduate of the Hubbard Dianetics Auditor course opened the event with a prayer and later spoke of how Dianetics is the only workable counseling a pastor can give. The relief it can bring to one experiencing such immense loss and grief is amazing.

By the end of the event everyone was reaching for Dianetic solutions, over 20 people immediately reached to get Dianetics.

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Awesome Case Study #2

A girl hit puberty and fell into deep depression. Floundered and failed all through high school. Went on to college and collapsed in more colossal ways. Suicide was always lurking and looming on the horizon.

Draining Self-help books shelves into her awareness from the college library didn’t help. Going to counselors, psychiatrists, psychology seminars and workshops was a waste of time and money. Attending any and all religious gathering seeking answers did nothing to alleviate the depression.

Then one day, she found the book Dianetics at a flea market. Bought it for a dollar and the rest is history…

Following and applying the technology of Dianetics years of debilitating depression disappeared!

Thanks to the technology of Dianetics she defeated depression and is the complete and exact opposite of the succumbing, backwards, non-functioning person she was.

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Success and Sanity are Yours with Dianetics

Today she is the successful force that introduces and helps thousands and thousands of people to actual technology that works, the technology of the Modern Science of mental health, Dianetics.

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